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UK Weather for the iPhone

The default weather application for the iPhone uses the yahoo weather service rather than the UK's National Weather Service the Met Office. UK Weather for the iPhone is a tweak to get official Met Office weather information on the iPhone including in the Notification Centre Weather Widget. It also adds features to the Notification Centre to make it easier to see forecast descriptions and current weather information without leaving the Notification Centre. It requires the iPhone to be jail broken. It also provides Met Office weather for some other jail break applications including Weather Icon, Forecast and Weather Plugins for LockInfo.

UK Weather for the iPhone adds the ability to tap on areas of the Notification Centre to show detailed forecasts and observations from the Met Office. Tapping on the current condition icon in the Notification Centre shows detailed information about the current conditions. Tapping on today's forecast temperature or any of the six day forecast icons in the Notification Centre shows the full weather forecast from the Met Office. Also tapping on the UK Weather buttons in the Weather app and the Notification Centre Weather Widget opens the Met Office forecast page for that location in Safari. You can also configure the app to run when you click on an area of the Notification Centre that isn't configured to show detailed weather information, for example you can configure the official Met Office app to launch when you click on the Notification Centre rather than the default apple weather app.

To get Met Office weather information in Siri see UK Siri Weather.

To install on your iPhone launch cydia and search for "UK Weather", select and then install.

Met Office locations don't match yahoo locations exactly. To see what Met Office location your location is mapped to click here.

Any feedback for UK Weather for the iPhone would be greatly appreciated. For feedback or issues please contact me at proxydata@rdharris.org.

UK Weather for the iPhone contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence.